Friday, July 4, 2014


The past few days have been really rough. I always used to be happy that I was there for Mom on holidays and weekends so that she did not have to be alone. She used to tell me that she was so lucky to have me or she would be alone all of the time.

I am blessed to have wonder friend, neighbors and work family. Last night was my first power outage being alone in my house.  The rains were downright scary and I have to admit I cried like a baby. I was scared, alone and feeling sorry for myself. I miss Mom terribly and feel so guilty that I was not sitting there when she died.  I always promised her that I would be there for her then and I was not. I am ashamed about that.

Enjoy the holiday and God Bless America


  1. So sorry for your sadness. Grief is such a difficult emotion. Maybe in the Fall you might consider a pet? A rescue will give you back love tenfold. Just a thought...

  2. Do not feel guilty for not being there for your beloved mother when she passed. Most importantly you were there for her when she lived and was able to enjoy your company. She was blessed with a good daughter who unselfishly put her mother's needs before her own. It is now time to live for yourself. Be as good to yourself as you were to your mother.

  3. Hospice specialists will tell you that a dying person may not "let go" while family members are in the room. Do not feel guilty.

  4. You were there for your mom in all the ways that mattered. Legal Lioness raises a valid point. Be gentle with yourself; grief is hard work.

  5. You were a fantastic daughter.... Even just from occasionally reading your blog over the years, one could know that for sure.



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