Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chains and Chains

I love jewelry! A friend of Mom's invited me over for dinner the other night and she had a stunning bracelet on. I asked her about it and she said that it was an Xavier Derome. Xavier Derome is a high end eyeglass company from Paris. The frames are made from acetate and so are the bracelets. The bracelets are stunning and come in many color combinations. They sell them in Philly at a store called Eye Bright on 19th Street off of Rittenhouse Square. I got a tortoise one yesterday and just adore it. Are you a fan of the chain link?  I know that I certainly am. It too my mind off of my grief for a few minutes. 
I am doing better. I have been to synagogue quite a few times this week and it has really helped to be with fellow mourners.  I am less weepy and am grateful for that.


  1. Please consider going to your local shelter and rescuing a pet, either cat or dog. There is a sweet little creature out there who needs you and will love you always and never let you down. Just consider it. It will change your life and also save a life. If you want a certain kind of dog, they all have rescues, just google "bassett rescue, new york" or whatever it is you like. They all have wonderful dogs whose owners/people have died and they just need someone to love...

  2. The bracelets look fabulous. A little retail therapy is always good :)



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